SQ Group’s sales and distribution network in Bangladesh as of October 2016 comprised over 5000 traders’ outlets and over 800 corporate clients for our wide range of products. In line with our growth strategy, we established 35 company owned distribution center throughout the country, these nodes are continuously supplying our products to all 5000 traders’ outlets while we serve our corporate clients directly from the factory warehouse.

All 35 nodes are managed through our four territory offices and territory offices are managed through the Head quarter. There is a team of 175 sales marketing staff, goes out to the market place & corporate establishments on a daily basis to promote, conduct sales and pick up valuable orders.

Additionally, production to billing invoice, all business processes is supported by fully customized on-line Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system whichgives us the ability to provide service & support promptly and allow us a significant advantage over our competitors.