It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the SQ Group of Companies. We live in a world of continual change. New technologies substitute old, fresh thinking supplants former ideas and market shifts drive us to adopt new approaches on how we are to best operate our business. Being a leading Electrical Power Manufacturing Company, it has never been so critical that we continue to deeply obligate ourselves to our valued clients in providing quality products with safety performance.

Our sustainability not only depends on how we manage our business with a view to coping with the upcoming challenges but also on the business enterprise of who we are providing our solution. Strict adherence to safety & quality of our products, integrated support and dedicated services being the lone prerequisite to our integrity and only priority.

As we continue to accelerate effecting our solution strategy to steadily advance our enterprises further in areas of Supply Contracts and Consumer Market, it is extremely important that we value ourselves accountable to safeguarding our company’s reputation to sustain priorities of our clients and be functionally state-of-art with integrity.

I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of our entrepreneurship is yet to come.

A. Z. M. Shofiuddin

Chairman of SQ Group