SQL Engineers

Inland Water Transport (IWT) plays a vital role to reduce poverty in Bangladesh. A substantial portion of the rural population has no access to road transport and directly affected by the availability of IWT services. Around 25.1% households have access to river transport. This is high for a 24,000 KM long network, which is much shorter than the road network, which is 274,000km long. About 37% of rural households live within two kilometers (typically a 20-25 minute walk) of an all-season road.

The length of the IWT network has declined to 6000 (maintained by Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority – BIWTA), while the other 20,000km’s being maintained by Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) during monsoon and 3800km during dry season. Besides, creating obstruction to the drainage capacity to flow floodwater, has an adverse impact on the country’s economy. Therefore, it is highly essential to improve the waterways fo the socio-economic development of the country.

SQL Engineering was established in 2019 to bring professionalism to the field of dredging technology and project management with high standards considering the environment and achieving excellence in mega-engineering projects. At present SQL has 10 Nos. 18” and 20” dredger in their fleet.


  • River Dredging & Excavation
  • Land Development with long Distance Discharge of Fill Material
  • Floating Workshop for Emergency needs
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Dredging Engineering Solution